Names and epithets.

Below the cut, I’ve posted (and will continue to update) names of Indra that are not included in his sahasranāma. These are epithets used in the Brāhmaṇas, Itihāsas, and Purāṇas and, for the most part, are not found in the Veda Saṃhitās.

Last update 17 July 2012.

Adhirāja – Emperor.
Akṣitāvasu – Having Unfailing Wealth.
Amararāja – Lord of the Gods.
Ambudeśvara – Lord of Rain.
Aṁhomuc – Deliverer from Distress, Healer.
Anantadṛṣṭi – Of Infinite Vision.
Antama – Most Near.
Aparendra – Unrivalled Indra.
Biḍaujas (also Viḍaujas or Viḍojas) – One of Indra’s epithets signifying “breaker” or “destroyer”; etymology unclear.
Dānava-mardana – Crusher of the Demons (Dānavas).
Devapati – Lord of Devas.
Devendra – Ruler of the Devas.
Divaspati – Regent of Space.
Ghanendra – Lord of the Clouds.
Harihaya – Having Bay Horses, The One Who Rides the White Horse, the Lord of the Sun.
Hiraṇya – Shining Like Gold, Most Valuable.
Indrarjun – Bright and Brave Indra.
Jambhabhedin – Enemy of (demon) Jambha.
Kapiñjala – Partridge.
Kṣattra – Warrior.
Lekharsabha – Best of Gods.
Mahendra – Great Indra.
Meghavāhana – Rider of the Clouds.
Nagāri – Foe of Mountains.
Namucisūdana – Destroyer of (demon) Namuci.
Nameru – Tree.
Pākaśāsana – Punisher of (demon) Pāka, Instructor of Ignorance, or Ruler of Crops.
Sahasrākṣa – Thousand-Eyed.
Sammiśla – Universal Mingler, Harmonizer.
Satpati – Lord of All Existences.
Suradhipa – King of the Gods.
Surapati – Lord of the Gods.
Sureśa, Sureśvara – Lord of the Noble Ones.
Svargapati – Lord of Heaven.
Śunāsīra – Wielder of the Plough. Also a word used to refer to Indra’s bow.
Tanayitnu – Roaring, Thundering.
Trilokanātha – Lord of the Three Worlds.
Ulūka – Owl.
Urvarāpati – Lord of the Field.
Vasāva – Lord of the Spheres, Chief of the Vasū.
Vimṛdha: Averter of Scorn.
Vṛddhaśravas – Far-Famed, Of Ancient Fame.

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