The rain of nectar.

A particularly gorgeous example of Rāga Malhar. The lyrics are from Sikh scripture. How beautiful.

Baras Ghana Mera Pir Ghar Aya

“So rain down, O clouds. My Husband Lord has come home. I am a sacrifice to my Guru, who has led me to meet my Lord God. My love, my Lord and Master is forever fresh; I am embellished with devotional worship night and day…Devotional worship has made me glorious and exalted throughout the ages. I am Yours; the three worlds are Yours as well. You are mine, and I am Yours.”

And from the same text, though not part of the linked song, are these words:

“I hear the thunder in the clouds, and my mind is cooled and soothed; imbued with the Love of my Dear Beloved, I sing His Glorious Praises. The rain pours down, and my mind is drenched with His Love…She is the happy soul-bride of her Husband Lord; her mind and body are filled with joy by His Love. Discarding her demerits, she becomes detached; with the Lord as her Husband, her marriage is eternal. She never suffers separation or sorrow; her Lord God showers her with His Grace.”

Both quotes from the Gurū Granth Sāhib.


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