Restless thoughts.

Chosen. In my culture, the word carries connotations of the shining extraordinary, of being carefully selected. Perhaps it has root in Christian tradition; a saint or mystic is chosen by God as messenger or revealer, others are not. Yet when God is revealed in a pantheon, it is common to all, to be chosen by some spirit, guardian, god-form – all are named, claimed, protected. To be chosen is bare reality.

One purpose of initiation rites in many faiths is to reveal that form, that Name: the Immortal comes to claim the mortal, or to confirm what has already been glimpsed. In other groups, worship is passed down by family or community, so that one is born into the culture of one’s God. (Of course, there is always “error” possible. Those like me, who leave their family’s and community’s choices to worship elsewhere. Those who are “diagnosed” incorrectly in initiation, or who begin with a God-form that does not remain with them.)

In drifting to my path from very different origins, I have sometimes wondered: Without community, family, or other guidance, what makes that choice? Some are drawn to fill their own hollows; the repressed person embraces the ecstatic Divine, the ill one adores the compassion of the Healer, or the child distant from family delights in the loving Parent. Others are joined like to like. The career military officer wears the sign of the Warrior, the shy homebody worships at the warming Hearth, the brilliant seeker honours the Sage.

What am I, to Indra, alike in nature or opposite? And who has chosen whom?

I like to think all such relationships are by mutual choice: the soul shaped to love its shaper.
And such a master craftsman, that the human spirit is like enough to recognise the Divine and different enough to long for it…

Current Music: Ancient Egyptian Meditation Music, which is beautiful.

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2 thoughts on “Restless thoughts.

  1. Mahalaya 18 May 2012 at 08:21 Reply

    I used to think somehow i chose Beloved Shiva, but only later to find out i was born on his day. So perhaps sometimes what may seem like an active choice is almost like the decision to have candy or ice cream. It’s bound to happen:P

    • Kāmya 18 May 2012 at 19:55 Reply

      I’ve often wondered if my horoscope would show Indra somewhere if it were read for that. I like your sweets simile. :)

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