Addendum, precipitation.

I got to thinking about the “black nourishment” requirement for the Śakvarī-song’s student, and good grief, it’s not exactly a treat for the senses, is it? There are so few foods that are naturally black, and even fewer that would have grown in the relevant regions during Vedic times.

The small list of dark edibles that I was able to recall included black gram, blackberries (technically dark purple), black radish, wild rice, black quinoa, black sesame seeds, kalonji, and chyavanprash (technically dark brown, but work with me, here!). Then my thoughts become ridiculous: Oreos (minus the creme filling), papaya seeds, burnt toast, rotten plantains, anything left on the fire too long, iron filings…yikes.

In other news, it’s still drizzling out today after an entire weekend of rain. I wish I could bring my computer outside to continue working.

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One thought on “Addendum, precipitation.

  1. Mahalaya 29 May 2012 at 11:50 Reply

    It’s been so stormy here! I really love it, with the exception of my lil hybiscus we just purchased…worried it wont be too happy with the winds.

    Black food….hmmm…how about plums? Dark deep blackish purple…yummy!

    You know if you turn off the lights, and leave absolutely no light…whatever you eat would be black:P

    But, i do caution. One time in a drive in movie theatre i wound up almost eating a rotten snickers bar because of the pitch black back seat of a Pontiac Phoenix!:P

    Stay safe<3

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