30 Days, day 16: Writing.

I’m skipping ahead in this project; today’s intended topic is a complex subject and a question I’m not yet prepared to answer. But the topic for Day 23 – your own composition: a piece of writing about or for this deity – made me giggle. A piece of writing for Indra? Really? As opposed to, oh, I don’t know…this entire blog?

But in all seriousness, and reverence, I do have some unposted work lingering around my computer. Here’s one poem, an untitled, unpolished verse.

You sate and kindle desire for You;
You fill us, longing, hollow within.

Joyously yoked and rapt in Your law,
we welcome the Stranger as kin.

Even those who cannot name You
know Your lightnings in the night,

velvet darkness caressing sleep,
Your luminous eyes, unfailing sight.

Take all that we believe we have;
join self to Self in wild, formless dance.

Let even grief fill Your delight;
let sorrow itself be entranced.

Your mystery soothes; Your silence
gives the consummate joy of seeking You.

Who knows what is or not or never was?
The one who calls Your name speaks what is true.



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