30 Days, day 22: Music.

Music that makes you think of this deity.

This is a really dangerous question to ask me. I love music. I have playlists for everything. And since I already had a compilation of “Indra songs” for this blog, I’m simply embedding the list here and providing relevant lyrics and/or explanations beneath the cut. Of course, if any song is particularly enchanting – or confusing! – feel free to ask me about it; I’m always happy to discuss wonderful music.

1. Clannad, Forces of Nature.
“…Darkness all around us
Save for forces of nature

Comes from the heart
The answers within
One dream to another
Flows like a stream

Comes from a chart
Echoes like thunder
The way to yourself:
The way within…”

2. Dao Dezi arr., Ti Eliz Iza.
(translation of one verse)
“I have nobody on this earth
Neither father neither mother, neither brother nor sister.
But within the skies there is a good Father…”

3. Rudra Rudra Maha Rudra, bhajan sung by Udit Narayan and Vinod Rathod.
In this piece from the religious serial Om Namah Shivay, three demon brothers worship Lord Śiva in His fierce form as Rudra, the howler. Like Indra, Śiva accepts even strange and terrifying devotions.

4. Brendan Perry, Crescent.
“The stars you see in the night sky have been dead for centuries,
and starlight creates the illusion of life for all these years.

Now I no longer trust these eyes of mine. The heart must speak to me,
in tongues of forgotten voices, in ancient harmonies, so that I can see.

Heavens are merely illusions when you build them high in the sky.
And hell is the final solution for those who have no faith in this life.
They are blinded by lies.

Here in the garden, fountain of life
Here in the garden, arcane delights are born from the womb.
Down here the seed will rise, from dark earth to the light
to kiss the sun again.

She brings me flowers to ease the pain.
She brings me light where only darkness waits.

And the more I see, the more life means to me,
and the way you love the wild earthly dream;
she sings her song for you and me.

I don’t care what lies beyond this world;
all I really care about is you.
All Mother Nature’s gifts of life have made,
have made this world a paradise for you and I.”

5. Omnia, Moon.
A beautiful instrumental, whose title and sound both evoke Indra as Lord of Full and New Moons.

6. Omnia, Taranis.
A song calling the Lord of Thunder by many names. I’ve read before that this praise-song was made by the band one night during a thunderstorm.

7. Hedningarna, Täss’on Nainen.
(First verse, translated. This song is included because of UPG.)
“Here’s a woman, brought by northwind
brought by northwind, pulled by waters,
washed ashore by waves of oceans,
drifted here on rising billows…”

8. Omnia, Bran.
More sea-related music, included because of UPG.

9. Brendan Perry, Babylon.
“The eagle flies up towards the sun,
high above the fields of Babylon.
In one claw he holds an olive branch for peace,
In the other, twelve arrows for his enemies…”

10. Dead Can Dance, Bylar.
Mystical and lovely, another instrumental piece that brings Indra to mind. The song’s lyrics are in a glossolalia.

11. Faun, Andro.
A traditional Breton circle dance called the an dro. My goodness, I wonder where that name could have come from?

12. Máire Brennan, The Mighty One.
“No more pretending, no more deny.
When the sun goes down, will I know who wears the crown?
No more deceiving, no more grieving.
When the sun sinks down, will I know who wears the crown?

There you stood in front of me, dressed in glory, white to see,
spellbound on the deep blue sky, created on high.
Cold and warm you set one’s heart,
‘Cause you’re the mighty one.

(Chorus, translated from Gaelic)
All my blessings from my heart to you
Isn’t the view delightful?
My blessing from my heart to you
And glory be to God
My blessing from my heart to you
Isn’t the view delightful?
All my blessings from my heart to you.

13. Faun, Deva & Punagra.
This is a two-part song. The first, Deva, is mysterious and spellbinding. The second, Punagra, is lively and vibrant, and also consists of words that the band itself doesn’t understand, which seems so very Indra to me.

14. Ancient Egyptian Meditation Music.
This link was sent to me a while back by a friend. Of course it isn’t actual ancient music, but has an ancient feel and appeal to it, and has reminded me of Indra since I first heard it – particularly from 14:52 to 19:49.


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