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“Knowingly I have yoked myself horse-like to the pole…I desire no release, no turning back again from that. May he, the leader, who knows the way, guide me rightly.”
Ṛgveda V.46.1.

This is who I am in this life: one self-bound to the service of Lord Indra – not a scholar, not wise, only talking of Him as the words come, and working to quiet the mind that thinks too much of itself and surrenders too little to Him. These writings are an offering to the One who is boundless wisdom and all of my heart. Not because He needs my praise or because anyone else must know Him, but because I need Him. I can’t promise that my truth will be true for you; I can only write.

My spiritual name is Arjunī; it signifies brightness, purity, and clarity, a state of silent inner luminescence, the vacuum which truth rushes to fill. It indicates both the birth-asterism and the great mystic name of Indra –

“…They drive the cows on Aghā nakṣatra; the bride is carried away on the Arjunī star.”
Ṛgveda X.85.13.

“Indra is also known as Arjuna, which is his secret name. These (stars) are known as Arjunīs. Who is fit to utter his secret name? So they indirectly call them (the stars) Phalgunis.”
Śatapatha Brāhmaṇa (Kāṇva recension), I.1.2.7.

– and is the form in which the hero Arjuna surrendered to the ultimate mystery:

“Arjunī, having heard the words of the goddess which were the longing of her heart…with her eyes full of tears, and again overcome with love, fell at the feet of the goddess.”
Padma Purāṇa, Pātālakhanda, V.74.145.

My life has been a kaleidoscope of places and experiences, and then I was His, and many pieces of the past fell into place. When I consider the past, it’s like peering through a veil, as though the years were preparation for the discovery of Him which began my true life.

I can’t really give logical reasons for any of this, though some have asked, why Indra. He is my choice, the One who changed the very light that I see. And so I bear His name, and seek to serve Him, and yearn to stop trying so hard and just surrender to Him.

May He, who is the Word, the Chant, the Power of sound and song that creates and dismantles and reshapes the universe, inspire my thoughts to his delight.

If you have any questions or thoughts, please place them into a comment here, a Facebook message to primordialmuse, or an e-mail to ubergottin {AT} herzeleid DOT net.

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